Even though it rains on a roof and siding of a home, it still doesn’t provide the cleaning that a home needs. The humidity and moisture in Florida after it rains tends to attract dirt. Pollution, tree debris, and other things can darken a roof. A dirty gutter can cause black to wash over the shingles below and leave a stain. Power washing a roof, gutters, brick, block or siding will remove the dirt and spots. Each type of surface requires a special type of cleaner to make it look its best. An experienced exterior cleaning company will know exactly what to use on every surface so it’s not damaged.

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Roof cleaning will eliminate black streaks, moss, algae, and lichen. A low-pressure chemical application is used so no harm will be done to the shingles. The low pressure is used so the granules that protect the shingles don’t get washed away. A company experienced in exterior cleaning Winter Haven fl will use a cleaner to remove roof contaminants so they don’t return when they’re done. Algae streaks can reappear after several years due to algae in the air. An exterior cleaning company should offer a warranty on the work they perform.

Property managers that need to make sure the buildings look great should consider multi-unit property exterior cleaning Winter Haven. It offers the curb appeal that’s desired for customers. Dark black streaks going down the side of a building is not attractive to potential customers or current tenants. Outside decks and sidewalks can have their look improved when they’re properly cleaned with the correct chemicals and water pressure. The shady side of a home usually develops black mildew spots and moss. The siding needs to be adequately cleaned so these dark marks don’t leave a permanent stain.

Keeping mold spores from growing close to your home can reduce the opportunity for them to cause breathing problems. Power washing can remove this problem and should be performed by an experienced company. Climbing on a roof to remove dirt and debris can be dangerous if someone isn’t highly trained. Get your home looking its best by hiring an experienced exterior cleaning service.

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